Windows App Day November 23rd, Antwerp

Windows App Day November 23 2012 Antwerp BelgiumThe app market is exploding, first on Apple & Android, now Windows 8 is triggering the same App explosion on the Microsoft platform. To make sure you get the necessary coaching and insight don’t miss the first Windows App Day. The agenda has 2 tracks, for App Development, User Experience and Design and is packed with national and international speakers. All of them actively working on Apps, design & the web and ready to share their learnings and best practices. Join us and get inspired!

  • All About Apps: Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows Phone and WebApps
  • After the 100% app keynote we split into two tracks: one focused on UX, designers and web experts; a second one for developers.
  • Feel free to switch tracks during the day to compose the schedule of your taste. Find detailed info on the sessions and our speakers on our Windows App Day page!

 Don’t miss this first Windows App Day on November 23rd!

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Developers Unite: New Windows Phone is ready for you

WM Put People FirstEarlier this week we’ve published a major release of Windows Phone. It’s an important update that offers hundreds of new features to the phone, marketplace and for developers that target the platform. Here is the official blog post on the WindowsPhone team Blog. We target to update 98% of phone customers worldwide within the next four weeks.

What’s hot for Belgian developers?
First, we’ve simplified payout and taxes administration by eliminating the need to provide an ITIN on your W-8 to take advantage of a reduced withholding rate. A blog post will follow with the new simplified procedure and we will organize a webcast for your Q&A in November.. Stay tune #wp7be or #wp7dev or follow David Hernie who’s our Phone Champ.

Then, Microsoft Advertising solution for Windows Phone is now available in Belgium. It means MORE Windows Phone developers can make MORE money from in-app advertising and get paid locally. Want to know how to do it – Follow our WP7 technical training: Oct 25-26 in French at the MIC Mons or Nov 9- 10 in English at the MIC BrusselsCheck here for all WP7 technical training organized in Belgium

Things to do as a WP developer

Last point, save the date(s)

Oct 25- 26 (FR version) Nov 9-10 (EN version)- We organize 2 deep development technical trainings- No marketing blala – 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and promote your Windows Phone 7 Apps. We will lend you phones to test your development, help you to promote your app, understand concept of the Live tiles – Cloud integration or how to use the Advertising SDK and get more revenue. It’s free – all details are here : WP7 technical training organized in Belgium

Already save the date for Nov 3th  – We “The UX tour” landing in Belgium: all you want to know about Design, HTML5, Web & Phone with international speakers and latest technology trends .. Stay tune, we arrive with all info.

Windows Phone Developer ecosystem picking up in Belgium

I Love Windows PhoneSince the introduction of Windows Phone 7 end of October we’ve seen a steady uptake of the platform by developers worldwide. With more than 28.000 registered developers, 8000 apps and games (roughly 500+ newly published apps and games per week) and thousands in the make, the platform is growing rapidly in popularity.

In Belgium we’ve seen a growing enthusiasm amongst developers to port exiting apps and exclusively build apps for the Windows phone platform. With 300 registered developers (60 companies and 240 individuals) we’re good for 80 published applications and games from Belgium, with hundreds more in development and to be released in the next coming months.

This developer enthusiasm is driven by 3 factors:

  • Building Windows phone applications is easy using the free tools that include everything you need to get started right away, including things like project templates and a Windows Phone emulator. It’s very easy to use Expression Blend to create applications without ever writing a single line of code.
  • The tools and technologies being used for Windows Phone are familiar for thousands of developers in Belgium and builds on the strengths of the popular and ubiquitous .NET platform. The free Windows Phone Developer Tools contain Visual Studio 2010 for developing code, Expression 4 for designing the user experience, Silverlight as the application runtime and the XNA Framework for developing games. The Windows Phone Developer Tools have been downloaded more than a million times.
  • Many new Windows Phone developers have experiences with other platforms. We’ve been compiling tools and guidance to help developers who have been creating phone applications on various platforms, ramp up quickly on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The Windows Phone interoperability site addresses scenarios aiming to provide tools and guidance to help developers who are building applications for multiple platforms.

A few examples of Belgian apps and app builders:

  • In the game category we have a number of interesting local publishers with Belle Productions, who won the local Windows Phone developer contest with their D-Blocs game; Fishing Cactus the fast growing game development studio out of Mons has ported their popular Shift2; Happy Kudde Games a game publisher already have 4 of their games published; Interesting for Sudoku players is the Suduko Brain, a solver that finds a solution for even the hardest levels;
  • In the category entertainment Appstrakt has published their Mobile TV guide MijnTVgids that is very handy for the Flemish & Dutch channels; Sagolas (alias of Matthieu Vandenhende) is a student with a passion for IT published a nice set of Horoscope and some geek apps;
  • In the more serious/Business oriented apps Virtual Remote has published a super nice Remote Control for PowerPoint that turns your Windows Phone into a high end presenter aid and they have a similar app for Windows media center; Vision Smarts have Pic2shop ready the barcode scanner that searches for the cheapest point of sale ; Nomadesk is close to publishing its Windows Phone client for their document cloud storage; Le Conjugueur is the best French verbs conjugate aid and a great help to have with you on mobile; Agilys is about to publish an innovative shopping assistant for brands & distributors helping consumers to make purchases in a more informed manner; Simon Debusschere with Metro Bruxellois/Brussel Metro has released a great underground travel assistant
  • To illustrate that Windows Phone is not just another consumer device, but ideal for all end-users with both personal (consumer) & professional needs. We have great Belgian examples: At the launch of Dynamics CRM Online RealDolmen showed their Windows Phone integration including Bing Maps; Delaware Consulting offers similar custom integration for its customers.

Microsoft Innovation Center

From March to May 2011, the MIC launches second wave of calls for projects on Windows 7 Phone to encourage any developer, student or business to develop one or more applications in WP7. The MIC supports candidates in developing their projects by providing free training, coaching, visibility and offering the possibility of obtaining low cost Phones for development purposes. In this call for project the priority will be given to applicants who submit project ideas on the “culture and tourism” theme. Application mails can be send to David Hernie.

Interesting links:

Belgian Windows Phone App of the week: Virtual Remote: Presenter

imageBert Lagaisse from Virtual Remote has a couple of nice apps, this one I like particularly because it is so practical for us that are regular presenters. This little app turns your Windows Phone into a very fancy Remote Control for your PowerPoint presentations. You have to install a small companion app on the PC side to allow connections and setup the handshake (including security) and then you can connect over Bluetooth or WiFi.
The app works 2 way and displays your current PC screen allowing Primary or Second screen. Good help included.

If you are using Windows Media Center functionality there is a version for that too:

Belgian Windows Phone App of the week: Le Conjugueur

French isn’t that easy for most of us non native speakers. Writing French is harder. Getting the tenses of the verbs correct is hell. That’s why this app is a live saver on your Windows Phone 7: Le Conjugueur. This little app works offline after you have it installed and has enough verbs in there to survive whatever conditional past …



Belgian Windows Phone App of the week: Touring Mobilis

One of my favorites I use almost every day. Shows you the traffic jams, accidents, speed traps Glimlach (don’t use this of course), daily overview and predictions for next days. And of course the map with all indicators.
Nice feature is that you can personalize a number of trips so you can quickly check the traffic on routes you use a lot.

Touring Mobilis My route Touring Mobilis Delays Touring Mobilis Barometer
Touring Mobilis Speedtraps Touring Mobilis Map