ISVtalk, the Newsletter for App Partners, September edition

Learn from the best
Register now for Microsoft Connect on October 11th! Connect is the yearly gathering for the Microsoft partner community where Microsoft introduces you to its roadmap for the upcoming year. During the ISV morning breakout you’ll have the opportunity to learn how 3 of your colleague ISV’s (Quesd, Rhea, Winbooks) successfully made the move to Azure. On top of that we’ll provide an ISV update on where you can find more information about the upcoming Windows 8.
Luc Van de Velde, Director Developer & Platform group
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Windows 8 changes everything
Be amongst the first to build applications for the next version of Windows. Send your developers over to the Windows Developer Center to download the Windows Developer Preview and get them prepared for the future! Nick Trogh, Developer Evangelist
Get your application into the spotlight and sell them online
Microsoft just announced the upcoming availability of the Windows Azure Marketplace in 25 new markets, including Belgium! So learn how to get started here and make sure to submit your application by next month! Christophe Van Mollekot, Partner Account Manager ISV
Get inspired: grow your business through adopting the SaaS model
Read how Credenza Software managed to expand its market base from 30 to 600 customers in only one year by redesigning its business model thanks to Windows Azure! Discover how Credenza leveraged the cloud to grow its business. Hermien Heveraet, Telepartner Account Manager
Don’t miss this crucial Sales Academy: Successfully sell BI solutions
Get your knowledge into shape! During this highly informative event you’ll learn about the new sales and services opportunities which you can develop with the various Microsoft Solutions. Stefanie Steenbrugge, Partner Skills Development Manager

ISV Community and Discovery Day – Your chance to win a Kinect and Xbox 360

Partner Program logoIt’s this time of year again where the Microsoft Belux ISV team organizes the ISV Community & Discovery day. On February 24, we will bring you an update on Microsoft’s newest innovations, plans for the future and vision on partner relationships.  We are particularly excited to present special guest star Steve Clayton, storyteller @ Microsoft Corporation, who will talk to us about what’s next at Microsoft.
We realize that partnership has always been key to the success of our products and services. It is therefore important to us to clearly show that partnership remains a corner stone of our strategy. With groundbreaking innovations such as cloud computing and touch interfaces redefining the way customers deploy and use technology, Microsoft reviews the way we design, develop and market our products and services.  We will zoom in on a couple of new and exciting Microsoft technologies and showcase the development opportunities for Windows Phone 7, Slate PCs and the Windows Azure Platform.
Additionally, this event gives you the opportunity to mingle with and get to know the renewed Microsoft Belux ISV Team. And last, but not least, attend this event and have a chance to win a Kinect + Xbox 360!
9:30 – 11:00 ISV Community Day
  • How can your business benefit from a Microsoft Partnership
  • Get an overview of why you’ll love developing for Windows
11-30 – 12:30 Keynote by Steve Clayton
Steve focuses on what is next at Microsoft and will bring this to the session. He’ll discuss the trends that are shaping Microsoft’s future direction with a focus on natural user interfaces. We’ll look at Windows Phone 7, Xbox Kinect, Surface and use these as the platform to talk about the future direction of NUI and what’s going on in Microsoft’s labs.
12:30 – 14:00 Touchy Lunch
Discover Touch @ Microsoft through demo sessions on Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 Slate PCs and Microsoft Surface technology
14:00 – 17:00 ISV Discovery Day
Discover one of Microsoft’s latest innovations for ISVs, the Windows Azure platform, from a technical deep-dive perspective

  • How to develop for Windows Azure in 3 scenario’s
  • Interoperability of the Windows Azure Platform: demo
  • How to tackle and work with Azure Platform Pricing
17:00 – … Closing drink