Bring your idea to life- turn it into an app

clip_image002Windows Phone 7.5 brings dozens of new platform features to Windows Phone. When you have previously built an application for Windows Phone, you might ask yourself, “How do I take advantage of all these cool new features in my existing Windows Phone application?” Well, there are 2 ways to get your question answered

  • You prefer to have a real discussion with an expert and follow an intensive training ? Then this blog post is for you.
  • No, you don’t have the opportunity to release a couple of days or you want to do it at your space then I propose here a suggestion of online training.

19- 20 March– Windows Phone 7.5 Deep Dive in the Platform –English – 2 days


You are an experienced developer in Windows Phone or Silverlight. You want to go deeper and develop complex applications. This is the right place for you. No introduction, we suppose you are comfortable with the tools and technology. That means, no “Hello World”. That means no XAML introduction. But instead, we’ll dive in the features offered by the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. You’ll get your hands dirty while doing some hands-on labs, where you get the chance to apply your newly gathered knowledge.

Speaker : Gill Cleeren

registration :

Place : MIC Brussels

3- 4 April – Windows Phone 7.5 – Design – All about Microsoft Blend – English – 2 days


This training of 2 days will focus only on Blend Design almost not on writing C#

With Expression Blend for Windows Phone, it has never been easier to create the user interface of your application; simply drag UI elements to the design surface where they can be quickly customized and styled, import assets from tools such as Adobe Photoshop and turn them into data driven UI elements before finalizing your UI with transitions and animation that bring your application to life users navigate from screen to screen.

Speaker : Fons Sonnemans from Reflexion IT

Topics detail :

Place : MIC Brussels

16-17 April – Windows Phone 7.5 Project call – Français -2 Days


You are an individual, student or a company, your goal is to acquire a new competence This is for you – No marketing blabla – 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and market your Windows Phone 7 Apps. One day to go deeper in Windows Phone features like Second tiles or notification. You will receive a token, coaching, even a phone if you publish some applications

Speaker Christophe Peerens

registration :

Place : MIC Mons

4-5 June – Windows Phone 7.5 Project callFrancais -2 Days


You are a student individual or a company, your goal is to acquire new competencies This is for you – No marketing blala – 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and market your Windows Phone 7 Apps. One day to go deeper in Windows Phone features like Second tiles or notification. You will receive atoken & coaching

Speaker Christophe Peerens

registration :–2

Place : MIC Mons

You need more …. like Dev tokens, phone to develop & test, advise, visibility .. Just ask David or just be curious – Follow him on twitter

From Card to NUI in 30 years

Those who’ve seen me speaking last 18 months know that NUI (Natural User Interface) is one of those trends I strongly believe in. There is no doubt in my mind that in 5 years from now it will be hard to buy a PC screen without touch. And stronger a lot of flat (or not so flat) surfaces will get touch enabled. Add the Kinect technology and you have the next paradigm shift.
If you have the same passion or your still not convinced yet watch this new Future Vision Video.

2011 edition of Productivity Future Vision video

Steve Clayton one of our chief storytellers looked back at the 2009 version of this video and the predictions it made to check ho much of it is starting to become reality.

Imagine Cup 2011: Vote for the Belgian Teams


The Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Finals are taking place in New York next week, and the Belgian teams have got some intense competition. But our teams have been putting the finishing touches on their applications, practicing hard, so I’m confident we’ll be prepared!

YOU CAN SUPPORT THE BELGAN TEAMS by giving them your vote for the People’s Choice Award. The Worldwide Finalist team with the most “likes” by July 12, 2011 at 21:00 GMT wins the People’s Choice Award and $10,000 USD.

Team Project

VOTE! Team Digitron

Dregon is a WP7 game where players Combat widespread disease.  Players must go on a quest to find a potion that will cure the sick to save themselves and their fellow Dregons.clip_image002

VOTE! Team Crash Games

Global Green is a fun and easy to play cartoon styled arcade game. In this game  players learn about many global problems while having a lot of fun trying to achieve the highest score for saving the world!

Get the Vote Out!
Once you’ve voted, please share the People’s Choice Award link with your friends, family, school and… the world! Everyone can then learn more about the inspiring solutions Worldwide Finalists created to solve the world’s toughest problems. Use social media to share your favorite videos and make sure you give a shout out on Facebook or Twitter (use the #ImagineCup hashtag).

Stay Connected
Follow along on the Imagine Cup blog as the 2011 Worldwide Finals gets underway in New York City, USA from July 8-13, 2011. And make sure to check out the Imagine Cup website on July 14, 2011 for the exciting information on Imagine Cup 2012!

Microsoft niet open anno 2010? Laat me niet lachen!

Er is een tijd geweest dat Microsoft vooral uitblonk in compatibiliteit en interoperabiliteit met zijn eigen producten. Met het stijgend belang van Internet gebruik voor applicaties en de opkomst van cloud computing lijkt die periode definitief achter ons.
Met PHP heeft Microsoft al langer een affaire, sinds 2006 worden er jaarlijks een aantal stappen gezet om PHP en PHP gebaseerde applicaties in Microsoft omgevingen minstens even goed te laten draaien dan op andere platformen. Uiteindelijk gaat het om applicatie omgevingen die draait op een infrastructuur en zijn er niet zoveel redenen waarom PHP niet zou werken.
Voor mij zijn de belangrijkste signalen van openheid de introductie van de Web Platform Installer en de Web Application Gallery geweest. Hiermee bezorgt Microsoft zelf de tools om een complexe web omgeving op te zetten en daar rechtstreeks applicaties zoals
Umbraco, Joombla, WordPress en Drupal op te installeren.

Met de introductie van Windows Azure, de Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud omgeving
van Microsoft gaat die openheid naar andere en vooral open source applicatie
omgevingen nog en stap verder. Ook hier werden de tools voorzien om op een
eenvoudige manier PHP en Java omgevingen naar de cloud te brengen of voor de
cloud te ontwikkelen met bijvoorbeeld de PHP plugin voor Eclips en de Azure
SDK voor PHP
. Voor Java ontwikkelaars van het zelfde laken een broek met
een SDK en Eclips plugins.
De meeste van de projecten rond niet Microsoft producten werken zijn Open Source
en de community kan zelf bijdragen, voorstellen doen, of nieuwe opstarten via CodePlex.

The Gu in Belgium

Last Friday (4/12) we had the privilege to have Scott Guthrie in Belgium for a full afternoon of tech talks on Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4, Silverlight 4 and ASP.NET MVC 2. The collage says it all: full house till 6PM on a Friday, smiling faces, and lots of fun.
THANKS SCOTT, it was a great day to close our 2009 MSDN & VISUG activities.

Scott Guthrie in Brussels Belgium

European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes environmental quality information using latest technologies

The EEA is an agency of the European Union, tasked with collecting environmental data across 32 European countries and providing an independent source for environmental information. You can now access this information yourself if you want to be informed about your own environment. Supporting EEA’s mission through the Eye On Earth project, Microsoft is working with interoperable technologies to ensure that information can be collected from, assembled, and distributed to citizens using all types of devices and software.
This new service announced this week, covers hourly real-time Air Quality updates for 32 European countries and runs on


Back from a great PDC conference

image As you could already read on this blog some 25 Belgians made the trip to PDC this year so I thought you’d appreciate a summary vs. the lengthy reports you might have seen elsewhere. I’ve also recapped day 1 you could already read about in that post. PDC added a 100% to the momentum: there is something happening at MS and its good J . We received that same feedback from journalists, customers and partners, they are sensing it too and that’s even better.

Day 1 Keynotes: Server

  • It’s 4 years since Ray Ozzie wrote his “Services Disruption” memo that introduced our software-plus-services strategy which will deliver the best experiences user experiences based on two core principles.
  • Ray further translated that into the “three screens and a cloud” message and laid out the call-to-action for developers that want to adopt the model. This slide should leave no doubt why Silverlight and IE adoption are high on our priority list


  • The rest of Rays keynote was on Windows Azure (you’ll get more on that in the Azure newsletter).
    Next to the product aspect of Azure the most remarkable message was: Azure isn’t just about Microsoft products or development tools: we are open for a lot of other web products. Azure runs PHP, JAVA, MySQL and more. To make his point he had WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg on stage to announce that his company would begin using Azure in production asap. The openness popped out in a an almost shocking way.
  • Bob Muglia’s message was one of choice for our customers, the choice of running on-premise, hosted or in the cloud on Azure. An important announcement was that in the future Windows Azure will support Windows Server Virtual Machines.  This VM support will make it easy to move their existing applications onto Windows Azure. clip_image002
  • Bob also announced the beta release of Windows Server AppFabric. This new Application Server for Windows and Azure allows developers and IT Pros to easily build and manage composite web-applications cross server and cloud. This will allow customers to write an application once and then run it either on Windows Server or Windows Azure with minimal or no re-factoring. This is how the stack will look like in the future:


  • System Center is the consistent environment to manage both the private, the hosted and public cloud.

Day 2 Keynotes: Client

  • Steven Sinofsky warmed the hearts of developers by exposing quite some details about the engineering aspects of Windows 7 and a lot of developers felt the connection with what they are doing themselves. But that was just the cherry the actual cake came when Steven showed the ultimate developers laptop and gave 1 away to every paying participant.
  • One of the highlights of his speech was when he showed IE9 (yes indeed)
  • Scott clip_image005Guthrie took the stage and stunned the audience with Silverlight 4. Not only with an amazing demo showing we’re about to leapfrog the competition in RIA development, but also by announcing immediate availability of Silverlight 4 beta for download. The demo’s where spectacular, you could feel the energy in the room as developers and architects almost stood up to get this in their hands. Silverlight has become widespread on internet connected PC’s with 45% penetration (for Belgium check out
    Scott showed a lot of new featured like webcam integration, RIA services, Media framework, print support, etc. 70% of the users requested features asked for are in this beta release, final release will be in the first half of CY10

    Scott will be in Belgium on 4/12/09

  • Kurt DelBene announced public availability of Office 2010 Beta 2 and trilled the audience by showing SharePoint and Office as a development platform. I was blown away myself by the Race Team demo that showed a hand-in-glove integration of Silverlight into SharePoint. Just amazing what you can do with this platform. clip_image006

At the end of the week I was tired, but o so happy I made the trip: fully reenergized.

3 Screens and a cloud, PDC reveals next steps in S+S

The weather is great here in LA at the PDC conference, 24 degrees, and yes Azure blue skies the perfect setting for the first day keynotes at this high tech event. Lots of very-very technical people around me and it’s clear I needed a hyperGeek submersion to get back on track with the latest trends in application Platform world. And I have to admit it was a bit hard from time to time, but I’ll survive.
Back at the conference It’s amazing to see what has been created in such a short timeframe. It’s only 4 years ago that we started talking about the services transition and that Ray Ozzie (small picture on the left, but huge brains and vision in IT) wrote his “Services Disruption” memo. And it looks that we’re executing on plan.
One year ago at PDC08, Ray introduced Windows Azure as a core component of our “three screens and a cloud” strategy and the technical preview was released to the developers community. Now 1 year later we’re announcing that the first Windows Azure customers are going into production, and that we’re initiating a phased roll-out plan for our cloud OS that leads to customer billing beginning on Feb. 1.
For me one of the most important things to remember from the keynote is that we’re not just going after Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) but are truly delivering on the Platform as a Service (PaaS) promise with Azure. The richness of the platform, the easiness with how it can extend on premise computing to the cloud, how it solves on demand capacity and has incredible elasticity are all components that are ready for business.
During today’s keynote Bob Muglia, President of the Servers and tools business emphasize how Windows Azure has been designed as a cloud OS for the future, yet made familiar for today and using the skills and tools developers are used too so that the learning curve stays low. For example SQL Azure, which has been transformed in the past year, provides customers a true “database in the cloud” or “database as a service” with incredible scale and the same easiness a the on-premise version.
For the real detailed news of today you can browse the press (like DataNews in Belgium) or check out this index of websites:

PDC09 Website that has the keynotes
Engineering Website for the Azure platform
Customer Website for the Windows Azure platform
MSDN Windows Azure Developer Center

Tomorrow is another exiting day here on PDC with a focus on the client side of the 3 screens and a cloud story.

7 Second Windows 7 Demos

It’s Alive, It’s Alive !!!

Are you ready for Windows 7?

There is so much to say today, but also so little. Windows 7 is commercially available in stores all over the world, an you’ll read tons about that elsewhere. And the product itself is just fantastic, I’m running 7 for more than 7 months (10 to be honest but I couldn’t resist the rhyme) on both my business an family PCs and its just perfect. My 5 year old home PC got a second live because of 7, and the entire family loves it. Not just because its working that good, but also becaclip_image001use of the great new features.

There are people however that love it even much more than I do, take these Japanese guys at burger king:. What a nice campaign 7 burgers LoL. And the opening of the first Microsoft store in the US, where the was a mall long line to get in and get to the products first    

To conclude its always better to let others speak for you “XP can finally retire” if your Dutch or French speaking this is a great article that explain it all in the Datanews weekly.

Architect Forum Online:

Architect Forum

Architectures for your Next Generation Business Applications

Last week 140 Architects took a deep dive into Architectures for your Next Generation Business Applications. We want to thank you for your presence! According to your feedback this was a valuable experience, that fulfilled your expectations. To have another look at the different sessions, please find the recordings below. For those who missed the event, you can take a look now!

The Future of User Experience and the Emotion Commotion

August de los Reyes (Microsoft) – The competitive environment for technology is changing, and its impact on user experience is deep: capabilities, features, and functions are no longer enough. Emotional engagement will distinguish successful consumer and enterprise experiences of the future. Designing in this world requires we change the way we think about people and products. This presentation provides a brief overview of a counter-intuitive emotional design approach and its application to things to come.
Watch this session

Next Generation LOB Applications

Simon Guest (Microsoft) – Many organizations have chosen the Microsoft platform as a standard for LOB (Line of Business) applications. What does this investment look like moving forward? What comes after MFC and Windows Forms? How do WPF and Silverlight 3 change things? What about exposing data and generating reports? This session will answer these questions and explore technologies such as the ADO.NET Entity Framework, .NET RIA Services, WPF, and Expression Blend, to show end-to-end examples, tips, and techniques to create a roadmap for your next generation LOB applications.
Watch this session

Setting-up a WPF line-of-business software factory

Olivier Raulot, Cristovao Figueiredo, Augusta Guernier (Getronics) – This session explains how to concretely and pragmatically set up an efficient WPF Software Factory that enables you to quickly build high-quality, rich applications that will blow away the expectations of "the business". Learn how to integrate the "Interactive Designer" role into your development process including from a tools perspective (glimpse of VS2010), take advantage of a navigation framework and a components suite, as well as maximise re-use in a WPF world via Styles and control templates packaging and the concept of toolkits. You will dive into a couple of world-class Belux customer cases that were build using this WPF Software Factory. Note that these concepts/tools equally well apply to Silverlight applications.
Watch this session

Building Business Centric Applications with Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services

Brad Abrahams (Microsoft) – Discover Microsoft .NET RIA Services and Silverlight 3 and how they simplify the traditional n-tier application architectures by integrating the ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms. The RIA Services provides patterns for writing application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations. It also provides end-to-end support for common tasks such as data validation, authentication and roles. Learn also how Silverlight 3 improvements enable rapid development and make your development process more productive.
Watch this session

Patterns for Cloud Computing

Simon Guest (Microsoft) – Everything that you read these days seems to suggest that you should be moving to the cloud. But where do you start? Which applications and services should you be moving? How do you build the bridge between on-premises and the cloud? What client architecture patterns does it enable. And more importantly, what should you be looking out for along the way? Based on real-world scenarios, this session explores a set of pattern for applications that best take advantage of the cloud, together with working examples on the Windows Azure platform. This session provides the tools and knowledge to determine whether cloud computing is right for you, and where to start.
Watch this session

REMIX in Brussels: it’s a wrap!

REMIX in Brussels was the opener for a mini Western European tour and did it with a big bang. The 3 track event aiming at Developers, designers, devigners and Architects attracted 800 attendees and filled each seat in the house. We achieved in getting a good mix of customers, partners, depth and breadth agencies and students. More than 500 unique companies attended of which 50 have already signed up for WebsiteSpark the new program for small Web agencies.
The Brussels REMIX keynote paid a lot of attention to local partners and their cases and showcased 12 of them on stage or video. Next to the focus on building the web we took the occasion to present 2 local Surface applications, the one that makes you thirsty can be found here: All session where recorded and will be live in the coming weeks for off-line viewing.
The feedback we are getting on Silverlight 3 indicates we’re close to the tipping point, and Expression got raving reviews from the attendees, so we’re convinced this REMIX will help us further driving adoption.
It was that much fun we’re already thinking about next years version Open mond

image image
image image

HOWEST sends 2 teams to the Cairo imagine cup games development finals

clip_image002After a magnificent result in 2008 where the Drunk Puppy team of HOWEST got a second place in the Imagine Cup worldwide final, there are now going for the gold medal. This year 2 teams of the Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) of HOWEST are traveling to Cairo to battle 1 UK, 2 US and 1 Brazillian team. Those 3 countries together have 56 time the population of Belgium, and 100 times that of Flanders. So already a GREAT achievement they have send the other 521 teams home already. How things will run in Cairo is unpredictable, but with 2 teams out of 6 in the final a good result is possible and we could be flabbergasted by the result.

The 2 competing games are very strong entries and offer a good balance between the theme of the contest “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today.” which is around the UN Millennium Development Goals, and the technical and artistic skills to build such a game.



Team Shift Team Balanced

The worldwide finals are being held from 3 to 7 July at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt 🙂  The winner goes home with 25.000$ cash.

 More info on Imagine Cup contest at and here at WTV:

VTM goes Surface for election result visualization

Surface_vtm_verkiezingen In case you have watched the European and regional elections in Belgium on VTM you have notice they where using a Microsoft Surface application to visualize the results. Also in the next couple of days VTM will continue using Surface to further analyze the results and visualize hands on what coalitions are possible to form the next Flemish government. The application VTM built is a typical Surface implementation that uses touch and triggers a political party’s results by using a keyed object on the table. News anchor Catherine Moerkerke used the Surface application in a natural way and it was a great innovative addition to the Show. Well done VTM 🙂

XBox changing the future of user experience with Natal

prjctntl-f_2This week at the E3 game show we saw the introduction of some amazing technology that will change the way we look at gaming, but more, that will change the way we look at interacting with computers. The project with codename Natal adds a device to XBox that contains a microphone and 2 camera’s (1 normal recognizing body and movements and 1 infrared detecting distance an direction) and the software to recognize human gestures, faces, sound and voice.

The video shows the first game   experiences and applications (because the possibilities go far beyond gaming) are truly unbelievable. The XBox controller is gone and all functions are replaced by the gesture recognition added through the device. Now before you think this is one smart “demo” and faked for the show (and yes I’m guilty, I’ve been doing that myself to avoid Murphy) this is not. 2 of the journalist that where able to test the experience say “it works just like advertised in the demo”  (in French):

Another nice example of a game that makes full use of the Natal options is the Milo and Kate demo from the Lionhead studios. In the second video (start at 1 minute), you’ll see what you can do if you start adding “artificial intelligence” to the experience by recognizing emotions and interpreting tone of voice. Again simply amazing and shows how ground breaking this can be for non-game applications too. You can imagine how your next ATM app could use this, or simply any other automated environment that could use a human touch.

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Internet Explorer from 7 to 8

Build applications, revenue, and customer trust.

Internet Explorer 8 was just released to the web and you can download it by clicking the picture on the right. I started using IE8 some months back (as part of Windows 7, yes I’m an early adopter) and must say I’m pretty happy. So are these people in some funny videos:

There are a bunch of reasons why you want to go for IE8 too:
It’s faster: The core activity in a browser is navigating to a website. IE8 makes that faster and easier with a new address bar, new tab experience, and your browsing history in search box. IE8 is faster than IE7 in overall browse experience, and faster than other browsers on today’s common sites. Looking at a video of common web sites in the latest browsers, IE is often the fastest at real world sites.
It’s safer: IE8 has built-in protections to keep users safe from real threats. These defenses are easy to understand and use, from highlighting the current site’s domain in the address bar to the clear indicator when IE is browsing “InPrivate”.
It’s easier: With IE8, people can get what they want out of web pages, often with just one-click, in the flow of their regular browsing.

  • Webslices make it easy to stay up to date on the latest information from a web page (like weather, traffic, or status updates).

Webslices (click the icon for a video explaining Webslices)

  • Accelerators make it easy to act on the current page (mapping, sending, sharing, etc.) using another web service without the tedious work of “copy, new tab, navigate, paste”.
    accelerators(click the icon for a video explaining Accelerators)
  • Visual search results and Quick Pick make it easy to get the search results users want from the search services they choose. The new Internet Explorer 8 Search Box takes results to a whole new level by adding graphics and images to enrich your search. The new Internet Explorer 8 Search Box takes results to a whole new level by adding graphics and images to enrich your search.
    search(click the icon for a video explaining visual search)

Some websites may not yet be ready for Internet Explorer 8. In that case click the Compatibility View toolbar button to display the website as viewed in Internet Explorer 7, which will correct display problems like misaligned text, images, or text boxes. To go back to browsing with Internet Explorer 8 functionality on that site, simply click the Compatibility View button again. 

Student2Business, TechDays and Girl Geek dinner … great week in Antwerp


 Microsoft Students to Business Day

Last week’s events started with the Students to Business day on 10 March in this location in Antwerp

  • 840 participating students
  • 6 sessions (3 technical, 1 Academic program overview, IT career panel, and more)
  • All sessions are recorded and will be live soon
  • 7 company with more than 65 job openings for starters
  • +250 CV’s posted by students
  • more pictures on the Students to Business Day


 Microsoft TechDays Belgium 2009

Then there was the yearly techfest with:

  • 1.650 developers and IT professionals
  • 3 Pre-conferences
  • 83 sessions in total over the 3 days
  • All sessions were recorded and will be online soon
  • 21 participating partners and 4 advertising sponsors
  • 11 Belgian user groups participated actively (and organized their Community Game with Microsoft Tag technology)
  • Online buzz with several hundred twitters and more than 180 blog posts in the past month
  • more pictures on TechDays 2009


 Brussels Girl Geek Dinner @ TechDays

And in between we had invited the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner to the TechDays venue for a side event.

  • 150 “girl geeks” participating, some brought a male guest
  • Session on DigiGirlz en Kodu by Lynn Langit
  • Guest appearance by Sarah Blow (UK), the “inventor” of the Girl Geek Dinners
  • Including a radio interview on national radio
  • Several hundred twitters and quite some blog posts
  • more pictures on the BGGD #11
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Technology, Entertainment, Design can make you humble

TED is a conference where big brains come together and listen to others, learn and exchange ideas. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. Not that I consider having a big brain, on the contrary, but still this is one of the conferences I’d like to experience one day (as attendee, not speaker, to be crystal clear).
The 2 attached videos are my favourites for this year because they feature 2 amazing women, the first one demonstrating an amazing personal leadership, liquid optimism, and extreme strength; the second one, because she’s Belgian, mentioning the Surface, but even more being 120% in line with the vision I posted 2 weeks ago.



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