Bring your idea to life- turn it into an app

clip_image002Windows Phone 7.5 brings dozens of new platform features to Windows Phone. When you have previously built an application for Windows Phone, you might ask yourself, “How do I take advantage of all these cool new features in my existing Windows Phone application?” Well, there are 2 ways to get your question answered

  • You prefer to have a real discussion with an expert and follow an intensive training ? Then this blog post is for you.
  • No, you don’t have the opportunity to release a couple of days or you want to do it at your space then I propose here a suggestion of online training.

19- 20 March– Windows Phone 7.5 Deep Dive in the Platform –English – 2 days


You are an experienced developer in Windows Phone or Silverlight. You want to go deeper and develop complex applications. This is the right place for you. No introduction, we suppose you are comfortable with the tools and technology. That means, no “Hello World”. That means no XAML introduction. But instead, we’ll dive in the features offered by the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. You’ll get your hands dirty while doing some hands-on labs, where you get the chance to apply your newly gathered knowledge.

Speaker : Gill Cleeren

registration :

Place : MIC Brussels

3- 4 April – Windows Phone 7.5 – Design – All about Microsoft Blend – English – 2 days


This training of 2 days will focus only on Blend Design almost not on writing C#

With Expression Blend for Windows Phone, it has never been easier to create the user interface of your application; simply drag UI elements to the design surface where they can be quickly customized and styled, import assets from tools such as Adobe Photoshop and turn them into data driven UI elements before finalizing your UI with transitions and animation that bring your application to life users navigate from screen to screen.

Speaker : Fons Sonnemans from Reflexion IT

Topics detail :

Place : MIC Brussels

16-17 April – Windows Phone 7.5 Project call – Français -2 Days


You are an individual, student or a company, your goal is to acquire a new competence This is for you – No marketing blabla – 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and market your Windows Phone 7 Apps. One day to go deeper in Windows Phone features like Second tiles or notification. You will receive a token, coaching, even a phone if you publish some applications

Speaker Christophe Peerens

registration :

Place : MIC Mons

4-5 June – Windows Phone 7.5 Project callFrancais -2 Days


You are a student individual or a company, your goal is to acquire new competencies This is for you – No marketing blala – 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and market your Windows Phone 7 Apps. One day to go deeper in Windows Phone features like Second tiles or notification. You will receive atoken & coaching

Speaker Christophe Peerens

registration :–2

Place : MIC Mons

You need more …. like Dev tokens, phone to develop & test, advise, visibility .. Just ask David or just be curious – Follow him on twitter

From Card to NUI in 30 years

Those who’ve seen me speaking last 18 months know that NUI (Natural User Interface) is one of those trends I strongly believe in. There is no doubt in my mind that in 5 years from now it will be hard to buy a PC screen without touch. And stronger a lot of flat (or not so flat) surfaces will get touch enabled. Add the Kinect technology and you have the next paradigm shift.
If you have the same passion or your still not convinced yet watch this new Future Vision Video.

2011 edition of Productivity Future Vision video

Steve Clayton one of our chief storytellers looked back at the 2009 version of this video and the predictions it made to check ho much of it is starting to become reality.

Imagine Cup 2011: Vote for the Belgian Teams


The Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Finals are taking place in New York next week, and the Belgian teams have got some intense competition. But our teams have been putting the finishing touches on their applications, practicing hard, so I’m confident we’ll be prepared!

YOU CAN SUPPORT THE BELGAN TEAMS by giving them your vote for the People’s Choice Award. The Worldwide Finalist team with the most “likes” by July 12, 2011 at 21:00 GMT wins the People’s Choice Award and $10,000 USD.

Team Project

VOTE! Team Digitron

Dregon is a WP7 game where players Combat widespread disease.  Players must go on a quest to find a potion that will cure the sick to save themselves and their fellow Dregons.clip_image002

VOTE! Team Crash Games

Global Green is a fun and easy to play cartoon styled arcade game. In this game  players learn about many global problems while having a lot of fun trying to achieve the highest score for saving the world!

Get the Vote Out!
Once you’ve voted, please share the People’s Choice Award link with your friends, family, school and… the world! Everyone can then learn more about the inspiring solutions Worldwide Finalists created to solve the world’s toughest problems. Use social media to share your favorite videos and make sure you give a shout out on Facebook or Twitter (use the #ImagineCup hashtag).

Stay Connected
Follow along on the Imagine Cup blog as the 2011 Worldwide Finals gets underway in New York City, USA from July 8-13, 2011. And make sure to check out the Imagine Cup website on July 14, 2011 for the exciting information on Imagine Cup 2012!

Microsoft niet open anno 2010? Laat me niet lachen!

Er is een tijd geweest dat Microsoft vooral uitblonk in compatibiliteit en interoperabiliteit met zijn eigen producten. Met het stijgend belang van Internet gebruik voor applicaties en de opkomst van cloud computing lijkt die periode definitief achter ons.
Met PHP heeft Microsoft al langer een affaire, sinds 2006 worden er jaarlijks een aantal stappen gezet om PHP en PHP gebaseerde applicaties in Microsoft omgevingen minstens even goed te laten draaien dan op andere platformen. Uiteindelijk gaat het om applicatie omgevingen die draait op een infrastructuur en zijn er niet zoveel redenen waarom PHP niet zou werken.
Voor mij zijn de belangrijkste signalen van openheid de introductie van de Web Platform Installer en de Web Application Gallery geweest. Hiermee bezorgt Microsoft zelf de tools om een complexe web omgeving op te zetten en daar rechtstreeks applicaties zoals
Umbraco, Joombla, WordPress en Drupal op te installeren.

Met de introductie van Windows Azure, de Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud omgeving
van Microsoft gaat die openheid naar andere en vooral open source applicatie
omgevingen nog en stap verder. Ook hier werden de tools voorzien om op een
eenvoudige manier PHP en Java omgevingen naar de cloud te brengen of voor de
cloud te ontwikkelen met bijvoorbeeld de PHP plugin voor Eclips en de Azure
SDK voor PHP
. Voor Java ontwikkelaars van het zelfde laken een broek met
een SDK en Eclips plugins.
De meeste van de projecten rond niet Microsoft producten werken zijn Open Source
en de community kan zelf bijdragen, voorstellen doen, of nieuwe opstarten via CodePlex.

The Gu in Belgium

Last Friday (4/12) we had the privilege to have Scott Guthrie in Belgium for a full afternoon of tech talks on Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4, Silverlight 4 and ASP.NET MVC 2. The collage says it all: full house till 6PM on a Friday, smiling faces, and lots of fun.
THANKS SCOTT, it was a great day to close our 2009 MSDN & VISUG activities.

Scott Guthrie in Brussels Belgium

European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes environmental quality information using latest technologies

The EEA is an agency of the European Union, tasked with collecting environmental data across 32 European countries and providing an independent source for environmental information. You can now access this information yourself if you want to be informed about your own environment. Supporting EEA’s mission through the Eye On Earth project, Microsoft is working with interoperable technologies to ensure that information can be collected from, assembled, and distributed to citizens using all types of devices and software.
This new service announced this week, covers hourly real-time Air Quality updates for 32 European countries and runs on