Not sure whether you should believe the Patriot act cloud FUD or not?

CloudIf you’re still not sure whether you should believe the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) that some are spreading to scare companies away from cloud computing you should certainly read these 2 papers and form your own opinion.

  • Law Enforcement and Cloud Computing is an article from Linklaters a Belgian Law firm in which they discuss these 2 perspectives:
    “From an EU perspective, concerns have recently been voiced about the access to data by US law enforcement agencies under the so-called USA PATRIOT Act. However, EU law enforcement agencies also have broad powers to access information placed in the cloud.
    From a cloud user’s perspective, this essentially means that sound information management practice, not the USA Patriot Act or similar laws in other countries, should govern decisions regarding what data is appropriate for what range of storage sites, including use of cloud services.
    To view more of Law Enforcement and Cloud Computing piece click here
  • UK Cloud Computing Interception – nothing new in this article from Olswang they discuss the UK situation but that is the same for the rest of Europe.
    “Some UK cloud-computing customers are concerned that they should
    not entrust US cloud-providers
    with their data for fear of US law
    enforcement interception. If interception is so much of a concern they should not only avoid US cloud providers but also should avoid using the UK’s telephone, the Internet, and the postal system. The interception of communications, whether stored in the 21st Century cloud or sealed in 16th Century scrolls, and whether here in the UK or in the US, is nothing new. All communications data, where justified, may be intercepted by the State’s watchful and proportional eye.”