It’s Alive, It’s Alive !!!

Are you ready for Windows 7?

There is so much to say today, but also so little. Windows 7 is commercially available in stores all over the world, an you’ll read tons about that elsewhere. And the product itself is just fantastic, I’m running 7 for more than 7 months (10 to be honest but I couldn’t resist the rhyme) on both my business an family PCs and its just perfect. My 5 year old home PC got a second live because of 7, and the entire family loves it. Not just because its working that good, but also becaclip_image001use of the great new features.

There are people however that love it even much more than I do, take these Japanese guys at burger king:. What a nice campaign 7 burgers LoL. And the opening of the first Microsoft store in the US, where the was a mall long line to get in and get to the products first    

To conclude its always better to let others speak for you “XP can finally retire” if your Dutch or French speaking this is a great article that explain it all in the Datanews weekly.