HOWEST sends 2 teams to the Cairo imagine cup games development finals

clip_image002After a magnificent result in 2008 where the Drunk Puppy team of HOWEST got a second place in the Imagine Cup worldwide final, there are now going for the gold medal. This year 2 teams of the Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) of HOWEST are traveling to Cairo to battle 1 UK, 2 US and 1 Brazillian team. Those 3 countries together have 56 time the population of Belgium, and 100 times that of Flanders. So already a GREAT achievement they have send the other 521 teams home already. How things will run in Cairo is unpredictable, but with 2 teams out of 6 in the final a good result is possible and we could be flabbergasted by the result.

The 2 competing games are very strong entries and offer a good balance between the theme of the contest “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today.” which is around the UN Millennium Development Goals, and the technical and artistic skills to build such a game.



Team Shift Team Balanced

The worldwide finals are being held from 3 to 7 July at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt 🙂  The winner goes home with 25.000$ cash.

 More info on Imagine Cup contest at and here at WTV: