Inauguration Microsoft Innovation Center Mons/Belgium

Wednesday March 4th will stay a great day to remember, the inauguration of the Belgian Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in Mons. A full house with packed auditorium and top level guests and speakers: Rudy Demotte Minister-President of Wallonia, Marie-Dominique Simonet Minister of Scientific Research and Elio Di Rupo minister of state and Mayor and mayor of Mons. On top op that some 500 guests all political and business leaders of the region passed by. 10 months after Steve Ballmer announced the plans the center is ready to start working.
The MIC is a joint initiative of public and private partners with Microsoft, the Walloon Government, and partners like Awex (export agency), Forem (employment agency), AWT (technology agency), LME (house of entrepreneurship), HP, VOO (cable company going for internet-tv) and Mobistar (mobile operator).

The goal of the MIC is threefold:

  • MIC wants to support the creation of new and innovative start-ups. In 3 years time our aim is to create 250 new jobs in 25 newly created companies.
  • Secondly, we want to stimulate innovative projects for which we have a test- and development platform ready for use.
  • And lastly we will host conferences and trainings in new technologies to make the picture complete.

In a couple of weeks you can find more info on the program here:

Especially in this uncertain economy it is of the utmost importance to keep investing in innovation and creativity. That’s probably what Darwin meant by: “Survivors are not the strongest or the smartest, but those that adapt the fastest.” That’s what the MIC is going to be about, helping companies to bridge that gap and be more innovative than others and adapt to the ever changing market.

Lots of press presence too, we even made the primetime evening news on 2 channels and all of the newspapers. No problem if you’ve missed it, here are the replays:

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RTBF (click to see the video)                                                         RTL TVi  (click to see video)

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