Zooming into OneNote

I’m a pretty big fan and user of OneNote myself and have a Tablet PC with pen I use on a daily basis. For those that don’t know this hidden gem out of the Office family go here and get the 60-day trial version. In short OneNote is a note taking application that lets you organize your notes as you would have done in a paper notebook, but much better. You know how it works, you have that paper agenda or notebook you take to all meetings and customers, and after a while your life depends on it. What if that cup of coffee goes over it, or you forget to take it from the bag in seat in front of you on the plane. Indeed disaster as your brain is the only backup for your notes. Well OneNote is fixing that. It even has full text search, and for those that know me OneNote can index even most of my unreadable scribbles.
Canvas for OneNote now adds DeepZoom functionality to it, similar to what we’ve done in PowerPoint with PPTPlex, or Silverlight or PhotoSynth. Watch the video and you see the added value immediately.

Video: Canvas for OneNote Demo Video

If you’re not a OneNote user yet this should convince you.
Go to OfficeLabs for a download or more goodies or visit Michael Oldenburgs blog for tips and tricks.