TechFest 2009, where the R and D come together


TechFest is an annual event that brings researchers from Microsoft Research’s labs around the world to Redmond to share their latest work with Microsoft product teams. Attendees experience some of the freshest, most innovative technologies emerging from Microsoft’s research efforts. The event provides a forum in which product teams and researchers can discuss the novel work occurring in the labs, thereby encouraging effective technology transfer into Microsoft products. Some of the coolest stuff for this year was:

  • PhotoSynth for Video that combines multiple video streams into one
  • Augmented reality a technology for adding visual data to a video display based on scene recognition instead of GPS
  • The future of cloud computing, or how the dividing line between what runs on your computer and what runs in the cloud will not be apparent to most users

Full TechFest info and links here (WARNING: only click the link if you are really in a geeky mood).

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