Sinterklaas brought a nice present this year


Sinterklaas only visits children like us that have been good for the whole year, and thats probably why he brought us the largest box ever delivered to the office. And it contained … a Microsoft Surface table.
I must say I was a bit suspicious, especially after my own Mapple post yesterday: “But it’s glowing, that confirms that it’s off” . But after playing with it this afternoon I can confirm the Microsoft Surface is much more than a big heavy gadget, and not only due to its size but due to the business impact it can have. It is a major advancement that moves beyond the traditional user interface to a more natural way of interacting with information. Surface computing is going to change the way customers can engage with their end users and help enhance customer experience, increase customer loyalty, improve brand perception, attract new customers, help grow revenue and reduce cost of service. So even in times where customers want to get most out of an investment Surface and similar solutions that use multi touch and gestures can be a breakthrough proposal. That’s also one of the things we’ll see broadly introduced by Windows 7 and being supported by more and more hardware like the HP Touchsmart.
So from now on the office looks a bit like the Rio in Las Vegas (at least we have the table):