Dreaming about the cloud


We had David Chappell over in Belgium earlier this week to meet Architects from customers and partners talking about cloud computing. Bit of a funny picture with this post: both David and I seem to be dreaming away about the cloud.
However this proved to be one of the most interesting days of the year and time well spend.
David is not a Microsoft employee and that means he’s not scared sharing his personal opinion about what Microsoft is doing. Whether it be good or bad.

I strongly share Davids view that with cloud computing we’re introducing one of the big platform changes or rather additions a customer can choose from. He compares it to adding an extra platform just as what happened when we complemented Mainframes with Mini-computers, with servers, with PC’s and with mobile devices. Cloud will not take over from any of the platforms in our livetime but will give customers an additional choice for implementing IT.

Davids white paper is available here