Azure, powering the Software + Services platform


Today we’ve announced the future of the Software + Services platform called Azure. Azure is the cloud platform that sits at the base of what we’re offering for doing cloud computing. The Azure Services Platform is built on the Windows Azure operating system that provides service hosting and management, scalable storage and a development environment for the Azure Services Platform. The different components of the Azure Platform include:

  • SQL Services for relational data storage and querying
  • .NET Services for service-connectivity, workflow, and messaging
  • Live Services for data exchange and communication cross platforms
  • SharePoint Services providing extensibility for SharePoint Server
  • Dynamics CRM Services providing extensibility for Dynamics CRM

David Chappel has written a nice white paper Introducing the Azure Services Platform explaining in detail what this means from a platform point of view. Nice catch, we have David in Belgium on December 1st for a select audience of Architects, partners and Academics.

My perception on today’s announcement is that we finally see an extension to the client-server and Service Oriented Architectures as they developed over the past 15 years. A model where the customer can choose whether he runs his applications on-premise, hosted at a local partner, or in the cloud.

Those at PDC will immediately get access to the Community Technology Preview and can start playing around with the platform starting today, and as we have 45 Belgians attending you might see some local activities in the coming months and at the Belgian TechDays next spring.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we will be announcing how the client fits in all this excitement.

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