The future is P!NK full of Brainpower and Entertainment

It’s been a great week down in Atlanta. A lot of excitement and I’ll start with the entertaining and fun bit that closed the official part: a concert with P!NK. Indeed we had the pleasure to experience a show with this great entertainer. What a fun, great songs and a treat to the eye, both the show and Miss P!NK that is. All her great songs, yes including the nasty ones, and some newer work. The crowd, including or pretty large delegation of Belgians had a super time. P!NK rocks and I finally understand where the ! in her name comes from.

And then the content of the conference itself, not less impressing than P!NK but as most of the exiting news was under non-disclosure I can’t tell to much about it. I can however inspire you to get the full announcement of how the next generation will look like at PDC (professional developers conference) in Oktober.
This conference targetting both customer and partners strategic employees will go deep on the Software + Services paradigm and explain all about how we’re going to do cloud computing including the great examples.
We’ve heared about a number of Belgians already registered that want to hear the news and get educated first hand.
PDC isn’t a yearly conference but has an irregular scheme and only runs when there is big news about future directions. And the future for sure looks PINK. The next generation platform, tools and developer environments will be announced there. If you’re interested in where IT’s going this is the place to be.
Ray Ozzie will be one of the keynote speakers and after experiencing him last week with one of his strongest speaches ever I’m looking forward at his session on PDC. The rest of the content also sooks pretty exiting, have a look here for the first details on agenda.

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