The Heroes are happening in Gent

OpenenI’m living in Gent for 3 days because I want to be with the heroes this week. The heroes of IT. Amazing that after 30 years of commercial computing the computers haven’t take over yet. They still need us to tell them what to do. And at the same time that’s a problem. We are not fail prove, they are. And making things go right, day after day, making sure that money makes it on your account, that bill in the supermarket is correct, that electricity keeps flowing, the internet runs and you car starts in the morning, is all due to that combination of computers and the heroes that run it.

The party we’re having in Gent this week brings together 5000 visitors over 3 days, all here because we have a great refresh of the core of the Microsoft platform. We were able again to get some of the top-of-the-top speakers like Rafal Lukawiecki, Roy Osherove, Ingo Rammer, Eugenio Pace, and our own Belgian stars like Patrick Tisseghem, Bart De Smet and Ilse van Criekinge.

  • Windows Server 2008 brings us to the next wave and level of infrastructure platform. It’s not about the OS only anymore, but about manageability (System Center), Security (Forefront) and Virtualization (Hyper-V). The Heroes of Infra love it.
  • Visual Studio 2008 brings RAD a step closer to developer’s fingertips. The fact it’s now easy to use e.g. Ajax with a couple of clicks and all the other great new stuff like having the machine helping you to get to your data using LINQ
  • SQL 2008, not really arrived on the market yet, but completes the picture. If you have the infra and the app where are you going to put the data? Sure in SQL. Lots of cool new stuff there.

All of the above new additions to help the Heroes be more productive because that’s what we’ll need.
The amazing thing when I walk around on our Gent partner-fair is the incredible support of our ecosystem: close to 40 companies supporting the above platforms we release including what used to be fears competition like Sun Microsystems and IBM.
Geeks are COOL and a lot of them are Heroes.

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