MIX was the MAX

clip_image001Last week at MIX was one of the most energizing Conferences I’ve ever attended. You could feel the energy in the air. Not because the sessions where so good (as on most conferences there was some good and some room for improvement), but because it’s clear that Microsoft is getting it. Consensus amongst partners and customers was unanimous (including GuyK see prior post): Microsoft has changed it’s style in a genuine way, and we’re starting to get ready for the changing business models where on-line plays such an important role.

The number of announcements we’ve done over the past 2 weeks that map back to our Software + Services strategy is banner_160x600long, I even guess the longest list ever in such a short timeframe especially of you look at the impact:

And last but not least MIX Essentials conference in Belgium on April 24th with Steve Ballmer as keynote speaker!