DreamSpark: Free developer & designer software for students


Earlier today we’ve launched DreamSpark in Belgium as part of the worldwide global software download program for students. DreamSpark is aiming at building a skilled workforce with hand-on-knowledge ready for the real work. It provides students in all fields of study with an easy way to directly get their hands on professional-level developer (Visual Studio) and design tools (Expression Studio) at no charge and we add Windows Server & SQL Server as a bonus. On to of that you have the XNA software for developing your own games for Xbox 360 or PC.
We strongly believe that equipping students with the tools they need to succeed during their academic experience and the skills they will need after graduation will strongly help them in their after-lives. Belgium is one of the 10 countries in the world where we are launching today (next to China, US, UK, and some smaller like ourselves).
Download is super easy you need to be a student at a higher education in Belgium (your university or college needs to connect to the program) or have an ISIC card. Only the KUL association is in there today, but more will follow soon (if you’re a student and you want to push you’re IT department a bit, feel free to do so!).

Bill Gates is announcing this afternoon at Stanford university, but here you can already see an interview with him on the subject. And here is the DreamSpark site if you’re a student and want to download: https://downloads.channel8.msdn.com .