RoundTable available soon in Belgium

If you’re in to communication and technology (aren’t we all Glimlach ) you’ll love this one. Roundtable deviceI’ve seen Roundtable first a couple of years ago in the "office of the future" at Microsoft campus and was immediate won for the idea. A couple of weeks ago we had ours delivered to the office and tried it out in real live. And yes it works just as expected, no hassle in connecting (just plug in the USB) and off you go. One of our collegues was at home and participated from there. Next day we had another one using Roundtable, and I must admid I didn’t bother going down to the meeting room as I just wanted to attend a specific part of the meeting and did that from the confort of my desk. Real Unified Communication !
And now even a bit earlier than expected we’ll have the Microsoft RoundTable device on sales in Belgium. So what may you expect: RoundTable is an innovative brand-new conferencing and collaboration device with a 360-degree camera and microphones that you put in the middle of your meeting table. When combined with Office Communications Server or Office Live Meeting you can easily setup a conferencing environment that:

  • Provides a panoramic view that shows all participants in the meeting room in a straight line setup and enables remote connected users to see the whole room and "participate" in the meeting.
  • Tracks the active speaker and provides a close-up of the current speaker.
  • Allows recording of the entire meeting, including the panoramic view, active speaker view and the shared slides or whiteboard, enabling meetings to be transformed into replayable events that can be shared and played back at any time.
  • Connected to the phone network can work as a standard speakerphone for audio conferencing. 

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