Tech(f)E(s)d in Barcelona (week 2)

DSCN5365This week Barcelona is again being swamped by geeks, this time however they are of a complete different nature, IT-Pro’s compared to Developers last week. Yes, all of us are IT professionals, or at least we try, but that’s how IT infrastructure related profiles are being referred too. Again +-200 Belgians in the crowd with one overlap: me, although I’m only here for 48h missing the Belgian party on Wednesday evening … (and of course GerdD also organizing this event).
First observation about the crowd, IT Pro’s are on average 5-7 years older than the developers of last week, and the gender balance is about the same … 1% I guess (not that that matters).
During today’s keynote Bob Kelly, corporate vice president in our Server and Tools Business, announced the details of the next wave of our server platform that will take a large step toward the Dynamic IT platform. Key announcements where:

    • The official name of the Windows Server 2008 virtualization technology: Hyper-V, formerly known as code-name “Viridian” and the announcement of Hyper-V Server, a standalone server virtualization product that allows users to easily virtualize workloads onto a single physical server.
      Keynote included some nice demo’s showing enterprise ready virtualization of mixed OS & virtual machine environments
    •  Windows Server 2008 pricing model, not so interesting for techies, but interesting for the managers present
    •  A whole bunch of Technet updates allowing stronger community connection
    •  November preview of SQL Server 2008 to be released later this month
    •  Full announcement here when you’re interested in the Windows Server details
    • Extended System Center offering with general availability of 3 additional components, read more here

Next week, business as usual and finally a full week in rainy Brussels 😉