Tech(f)E(s)d in Barcelona (week 1)

Barcelona is full of Microsoft fans this and next week. We’re here with a delegation of some 200 Belgians attending TechEd Developers, with a repeat next week for IT Forum. Lots of techies from both customers and partners. Quality of the conference is just super again, and that’s probably linked to the fact that the overall event organizer is Gerd De Bruycker (ex-MS-Belux). So no time at all to catch some sun (tempting with 20 degrees outside) and sessions end late (after dusk).

TechEd DevThis week marks a milestone for the next wave of our application development platform as we’ve announced our commitment to ship Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 by the end of November. These releases are important as they strongly support the direction of our development platform we’ve entered 2 years ago. Next to a bunch of new features that aim at enabling developers to build secure, reliable and connected applications, this is also a big step in providing the next level in tools for realizing 3.X and ritcher user experience applications.
During the keynote of Soma (Corp Vice President Developer Division) we saw a great demo of how a classic .NET 2.0 applications can easily be enhanced with AJAX & Silverlight providing a much richer experience.

If you’re interested in more details please checkout Soma’s blog, but these where the highlights:

  • Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 will release by the end of November
  • Popfly Explorer will provide deep integration into Visual Web Developer Express 2008
  • The first deliverable on the Software + Services Booster Packs, a series of shared source frameworks designed to make it easier for startups and ISVs to build S+S applications.
  • The first preview of the Microsoft Sync Framework, a new platform that empowers developers to create solutions that enable collaboration and online/offline synchronization.

Some early local press coverage here and here

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