web 2.0 summit powered by Popfly

I wrote some months ago about the coolness of Popfly but back then I was among the privileged that could play with the private Alpha, now it’s your turn to try out the public beta at http://www.popfly.ms .
Popfly falls in the category of non professional developer imagetools, what means that you don’t need to be an expert in OO-programming but some geek level knowledge is helpful.
The Web 2.0 summit currently going on in San Francisco is probably the best place to bring this to the next level of attention. Those still convinced this is just a gadget, have a look and think twice. This type of machup tool shows exactly where we’re going with the web and how info will be consumed in the next wave. Have a look at John Montgomery’s blog who just posted the Web 2.0 Summit Kiosk Application nicely showcasing what a mashup realy is 🙂
Just great how Popfly allows you to reuse the application as an Iframe, or download it as a sidebar gadget in Windows Vista or on your blog. And for those that are professional developers they can use Visual Studio to play around with it.

And a nice extras is that Popfly is build using Silverlight what makes it browser independent .
Just some other cool Silverlight examples that went live over the past weeks are: The Mariejo (lingerie) winter-catalog: currently only in nl/fr/de, but that shouldn’t spoil your page turning experience,
The Biaritz pro surf competition in France covered by Quiksilver.

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