When your French is as bad as mine …

imageA nice new Beta service offered by Windows Live is the Translator: http://translator.live.com. What you see in this service is that the machine translations are getting better all the time, good enough to understand the original if you don’t speak the lingo. Especially the web or IT specific terms are still way off. "Live Labs" is translated as "laboratoire de phase" in Fench. I would probably have made the same mistake 🙂

Nice in this service is that with website translation you can hover over the text and translate just those sentences you are interested in on the fly.

If you want to know more about languages and translation in specific make sure you RSS Thierry Fontenelle’s team blog . Thierry is Belgian and works as program manager on the language team looking after the language support in Office.

PS: I’ve not been blogging over summer due to a long vacation and a tragic event (David who passed away). But I hope to be able to find the time for some quickies.

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