A week of pure Liquid energy

What a week it was. 22h on a plane to Orlando, 35 degrees with 95% humidity outside, every evening a tropical thunderstorm, and no I’m Capturebike.JPGnot on vacation (yet). Pretty tiring too, but it was worth it, I got double the energy back I have put in. And energy comes in different formats: 

Excitement about all the great new stuff I’ve seen demo-ed live:
· a demo of Surface by Bill Gates himself, in real life even more impressive than on video
· Office Live Workspace one of the great examples of the Software + Service concept · Super mashups with our newest technology integrated with Live (again S+S), resulting in a demo like this one in the picture————–>
· The HTC Touch, a keyboardless phone that you manimulate using your fingers and running Mobile 6
· And 20 others newer than new stuff, from gaming to devices that blow your mind away

But also lots of emotion
· A super session on WoW!!! Everything about the art of creating excitement and wow, and how that influences perception change resulting in satisfaction and adoption. If that sounds too complex well it was, but we got a Wow book that explains in detail 😉
· And then the most emotional 1/2h I ever had at work: a tribute to Bill Gates that deeply touched most of us, you don’t very often see tears of emotion at work. At least I had never seen 5000 people wiping a tear at the same moment. My colleague Miel says it all in his post: Bye Bye Bill Gates. If Bill succeeds in spending his fortune as planned it wasn’t the last time we heard from him. What a visionary man.
· And as you can see on Miels post also a shot of pure energy refueling my backpack of motivation to do what I do to earn a living, Steve Balmer is Wow!!!

And tomorrow (later today) the last 10h of sessions and then PARTY @ Universal studios. As we say in Flemish “de boog kan niet altijd gespannen staan”, in translation it loses quite some of it’s power but here I go “The bow can’t be under tension all the time”.
What a week!

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