Eat your own Caviar: MS.Com live on WS2008

Powered By IIS 7You know the popular expression about dogfooding well in certain circumstances it’s even better referring to it as Caviar, especially if you’ve been spending quite some money on it. Nothing nicer than being your own best customer.
Since a week we have in production running on Windows Server 2008 (FKA Longhorn) with the new II7 on top of it. Although Windows Server 2008 is still in Beta 3 it looked solid enough for real live production testing.
If you want to join us and be an early adopter of IIS7 for your website and enjoying all the new stuff you can through the Go Live program that offers a free license or free hosting that permits people to go Live with the Beta combination.
It’s clear already that Windows Server 2008 is going to be a big hit with Hosters and selfhosted websites that see the value compared to other platforms. According to statistics of Netcraft the share of Apache is declining vs IIS and back at the level of 2002, and already 2600 sites are live with Windows Server 2008. 

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