iiiieeee-ID, will they recall all broken cards?


Looking pretty unbelievable, even more the first time I ever see this happening to a smartcard. The chip loosening from the socket on the card! No I haven’t used my e-id to pick a lock or other non appropriate stuff, it’s just been in my wallet for 2 years. That promises to be great if this starts happening to 10 thousands of cards, maybe resulting in a massive recall of 6 mio cards?

  • By the way do you know whether an e-id is still valid with the chip missing?
  • If the chips loosen that easy from the socket, it must be easy to tamper with cards and switch chips
  • And do you need to pay again for the card when it’s broken?

Now even when your chip stays on the card (or if you fixed it like I did with some superglue) how will the card look like in lets say 5 years? A good example is your credit/bank card, pretty damaged after 3 years, I’m pretty interested how my e-id will look in 2 more years.

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