SOA needs SOI (Intro)

It’s clear that Service oriented Architectures need the right infrastructure (SOI), one that has all the "abilities": Manageability, Flexibility, Scalability and Security(bility). During one of my first weeks at Microsoft (back in ’99) I had a discussion with some of our infra consultants that where looking at the Beta’s of Windows 2000, and one of them made the remark "How will one person ever be capable of knowing all about this OS". I managed not starting to laugh immediately as I’m from the IBM mainframe generation where you needed at least 200 redbooks to explain how all the stuff was working. Instead I started some coaching and 6 months later @ availability W2K didn’t have a lot of secrets any more for most of them. But that’s just the OS, I was thinking …. what if they ever get to getting the "abilities" in.
Quite some evolution since back then, the file & print days are far beyond us and Windows Server has become the heart of many enterprise ready complex application systems. And where do you want to put your energy & investment? Yes of course in the added value of the application and not necessarily in the infra running it. That’s why it’s so great we’re at the edge of a new generation of infrastructure, the windy road to dynamic systems seem to come to an end. Longhorn (next Windows server) later this year + the great new virtualization story that comes with it will be of great help to realize that vision. But before that, time for some goodies that will make a difference in managing and securing the SOI of your dreams. Early May you’ll see the launch of Forefront and System Center 2007 with some WW events; the Brussels one on May 10th. Not as big as the November Vista/Office launch, but size isn’t everything. More on the event later but feel free to already pencil it in.