MIX and not only virtual cocktails

Visit MIXWhen your company wants to live on the edge and delivers the latest in web user experience you just can’t miss this conference. MIX is featuring the Next Web Now! Geared toward Web developers, designers, online advertising professionals and a broad set of partners and customers, MIX will explore how to build more interactive and responsive experiences that take full advantage of the capabilities of the Web. MIX will also be an opportunity to dive deeper into Microsoft’s Web technology offerings and discover ways to create more dynamic customer connections that take user experience to the next level. Check out some of the great WPF sites that have popped up these last months and you know what I’m talking about.
News readers New York Times Reader Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reader  Daily Mail eReader or online/offline shopping experiences like Otto in Germany and the new FNAC site in France.


For Web Businessperson:
  • Case studies of profitable sites built using the Microsoft platform
  • Monetizing RSS
  • Building a better user experience to unlock new revenue opportunities
  • Forging tighter, stickier customer connections
  • Microsoft’s comprehensive advertising platform
  • Building innovative media experiences into your site
For Web Designers:
  • Optimizing your site for IE7
  • Using WPF and “WPF/E” to design gorgeous and highly functional user interfaces
  • Extending your Web experience beyond the browser and onto televisions and other devices
  • The suite of Expression tools that revolutionize the way designers work with developers
For Web Developers:
  • AJAX Web applications quickly and easily with ASP.NET
  • Living room applications for Windows Media® Center
  • Gadgets that live on the Windows® desktop
  • Sites and applications that consume Windows Live services
  • Exciting new Web experiences with the still-secret “Technology X”

PS: ask your daughter or son who the PCD’s are if you don’t know because they will be performing at the MIX party in Caesars Palace Nightclub Pure