Free Zune for MicroISV’s on Vista

Earlier this week "Project Glidepath Windows Vista Spotlight" Launched. Quite a mouthful but referring to it as PGWVS would have been worse . The Gliderpath project itself is not new and has been in place since middle of last year but now we’ve added the Windows Vista focus of course. The project aims at assisting small ISVs (< 10 people, not VC funded) using our platform to build their applications. With quite some new features and API’s in Vista that might be challenging for a small company. 
If you are a MicroISV and have an application that successfully installs, runs and uninstalls on Windows Vista please go to the site, click on the link on the right and submit your application for consideration in the Spotlight.  When your application passes our basic functionality tests we will put you in the spotlight and blog about your success! 

And…If you are one of the first 30 MicroISVs to submit and pass the testing the team will send you a Zune! (see for full rules and submission guidelines).