DesignerTopia has freed my ideas!

It’s the first time Microsoft organized a conference for designers our target audience is often developers or IT-pro’s. But I can tell you they look pretty similar from the outside, with 1 big difference, more diversity in gender
Overall great conference with a mix of designer subjects but also some technical and how-to stuff for developers in agencies.
Lots of attention for WPF(/E) (cool examples of what you can build using WPF/E at Channel 9) and of course the main focus on the upcoming Microsoft Expression tools. All 4 together they are being called Expression Studio.
Expression Web: the tool replacing FrontPage (available)
Expression Blend: design tool to blend it all together with a team (different app components from designers & developers)
Expression Design: powerful vector drawing and editing tool to integrate artwork
Expression Media: asset management tool for visually cataloging all your digital assets
Also we finally have a site for designers and even a bigger conference in Las Vegas in April MIX . A pity for the Belgians that will attend as they will lose their May 1st day of course that will be compensated with performances of Scott Guthrie and our new Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie .

So DesignerTopia was time well spend for a newbie like myself