Almost there, 1 more week to go :-)

One more week and I’ll move to my new job as Director Developer & Platform Group (D&PE) @ Microsoft Belgium . Quite a mouthful I know. I’m really looking forward to it. On the other side I’m leaving a great team, a fun team, a team that has been delivering over the past couple of years … quite a couple of things to match there. And lots of new things to learn, a fresh start, a little bit like changing companies, but without the stress of a new environment. It’s going to be fun 🙂

So my background and how I got here. I joined Microsoft in ’99 with a backpack of  14 years mainframe and Unix experience and just 6 months before the launch of Windows 2000. The fact that "MS started to be serious" about offering software for businesses was the real trigger to make the switch from the old world and join the "small" Belgian 70 people team. Balancing the rapid growth of the consulting team with the right profit margin and hiring 25 consultants to fuel the Enterprise need for new solutions where  the 2  big challenges that kept me going for the first 4 years. After that I learned that SMB’s are enterprises too 😉 and that the energetic partner model that serves them needs its regular oiling and lots of love. Especially the partner piece has been a great ride over the past 4 years, building the Partner Technical Sales organization in & outside of BeLux and marrying platform with ERP (Dynamics) solutions has a real fun.

It is however too early to bury my love and passion for technological solutions to business problems and that’s why I’m energized about my move to the D&PE team. The market for Software as a Service is huge and growing at a tremendous speed. It has become clear that every important software application for consumers or enterprises will use the Web in some way. Therefore Winning the Web is the next big battle against companies like Google and but also many others. Leading this local team of "warriors" that will take the business into the services space will be more than a pleasure.